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The following is the support status of the different Houdini apis and features

Typed OM
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Houdini is fast moving from concept to its early implementation stage. Even as the W3C specs standards are being drawn out a couple of browser makers have started supporting it.

Google Chrome has included Paint API in its stable version 65. TypedOM since stable version 66. Opera and Samsung Internet also have support for Paint API and TypeOM.

A look at Das Surma's site Is Houdini Ready It will give your a better idea of the state of implementation of Houdini in all the popular browsers.

Given the level of support by the different browser makers, Google Chrome (Canary) is the best bet for learning CSS-Houdini for web developer .

Download and install Google Chrome Canary and open the flags setting page using the address


Search for "Experimental Web Platform features" and enable it.

Now you are ready to start testing your Houdini work.

Keep in mind Canary is not stable and could be very bug prone. It is recommended that it must be used only to get a peek of the new technologies so that you may plan its use in your projects, and do not use it your day to day work.